Why do we want to hear about your vision for Europe?

The future is yours to shape!

As young people, YOU are the ones who are the most affected by the EU’s policies. Which is why we want to hear your ideas and opinions. Make Europe work for you by being part of the change-making process!

The New Narrative for Europe project is your chance to do just that. It is designed to get people talking about Europe’s future in a constructive way, ensuring as many young people as possible get involved and commit to finding an answer.

When we asked about the ways in which young Europeans would like to participate in EU public life, one of the most popular answers was by taking part in political debates on online platforms. We’ve listened and created this online consultation. Use this chance to have your say!

If you want to keep up to date with the latest on the New Narrative for Europe project, visit the European Youth Portal page.

The New Narrative for Europe is a project initiated by the European Parliament and led by Mr Tibor Navracsics, Member of the European Commission. It aims to gather the views and inputs, from mostly young citizens, on the European Project, its current challenges and future developments.

What will happen next?

Your ideas and proposals for Europe – what it is and what you think it should be – will create a "New Narrative for Europe" that will directly inform European institutions, and influence their visions and decisions. The results will also be made public on EU websites. Your voice will be noticed and heard by the people that can make a difference at a European level.