To stop extremist views in the media you need to step off the culture of *connecting news* also avoid using terms as xenophobic or islamophobic. If you do not allow the open debate extremist factions will rise, the open debate where problems (like with islam and migration) are discussed are the perfect environment for non-extreme and non-radical groups. The more people feel they are not allowed to express their opinion (Think of Kurt Westergaard, Charlie Hebdo, Geert Wilders to name a few) the more people will be drawn to extremism.
By trying to promote intercultural understanding, trying to promote equality in all fields and also the contribution to dismiss all extremist agendas that the media tries to pass on the populations. Focusing on the facts and statistics will show people that the security and economic problems are derivated of state management or other lacks of security in the globalized world and not because of the ideologies and religions of some perpetrators of attacks
by tackling extremism at its roots, focusing on younger generations' intercultural education
Extremism goes hand in had to Reactionism. You show a picture of a man stealing from a woman, you get angry at the man. You show violence, you react. You get lied to, even though in plain sight you see it not to be so, you get angry. The majority of the media is bought and paid for by an international clique, who are pushing for the ideas of the main investors and their projects. To the question - the leftist extremist views can not be mitigated by the EU, unless the EU changes itself.
Great message! In my county, the media always show misleading title and content but like what you said. They can't deny facts and figures. Thanks! - Lloyd
Force the media to always tell the truth, showing statistics and facts.