Try to make a better democracy. Like a direct democracy. Sure, it's not possible right now but you could do more polls on internet, like you already did a few weeks ago. Maybe use a specific EU app with votes about huge issues. For the moment it'd be consultative but I always dreamt about a direct democracy made possible with actual technologies
Young people would like to see what they vote for applied in practice. For example, why was the Treaty of Lisbon established when we had previously said no to the “Constitution for Europe" which was initially envisaged?
In my opinion, in a crisis context, I think the best way is that European Politicians defend European values. When I was young, I learnt European Unión was a place where Human Rights were fundamental, but after refugees crisis, many of us sow how those rights were ignored by politicians. It was not what we thought it was the EU.
This initiative is a huge step already! But more needs to be done, since a lot of people don't even know how the EU works and how it works towards their own interests. There are many misconceptions that could be broken by simply investing on their education, whether directly in schools/Universities that could have volunteers who could be EU ambassadors, regular social media videos similar to TED-ED that explain in very simple terms with very appealing images what is the EU and how it works for people, and training courses or other workshops spread by different countries on how it works and how they can contribute to the discussion.
This website is a great idea! This is absolutely the right direction! Maybe you can go further this way. Maybe you can create a website which consists permanently. Or what's about an app? You can post new questions from time to time and the users can answer them!
I believe we need two things: First of all, we need to make sure every young person knows the basics about the EU: if you don't know how it works, how can you expect to influence EU Policy? Therefore, mandatory civic education about the EU should be recommended to member states (the EU does not have the capacity to influence education). Then, we need to make sure that it is easy to participate in EU politics. Reinforcing the KA3 program of Erasmus + and reducing the number of signatures needed for an ECI to be considered by the Commission could be a way to do that.
To whom it may concern: In my opinion there is a serious concern regarding the stability of the Eu. Basically, older folk (I believe youngsters are not questioning UE) are not taking into account all the many good things that this Union is giving them. They simply do not have any idea to which extend affects to their normal lifes. Most of the inhabitants of the most powerful Eu countries believe that they are giving more than what they are receiving. Thus, it is the perfect atmosphere for populist movements to manipulate them and convince them that EU is not healty anymore (See the UK). I think EU insitutions must react urgently to avoid this movements to spread across Europe (even more). A strong media campaign must me made targeting those inhabitants over 45 that are starting to feel disconencted from the EU and their achievements. Social Media is a powerful assets, no one can deny it, but through this source you are not reaching the ones that most deny the EU. TV, newspapers and radio should be seriously potentiated. You have to show the people what we as a hole have made, and what we are capable of doing. Otherwise the future and continuity of this Union is at stake Br
Through cooperation between schools/ universities, NGOs and local authorities.
Show them what the EU has done for their local communities - places which are closest to them!
1. preservation of public and private freedoms. 2-giving young people a greater participation in the formation of political parties that have a role in shaping European policy 3-Aaljadded integrating immigrants into European society and take advantage of their abilities 4-promote the presence of the EU in resolving the conflicts in the world by adopting a clear policy bear to see the European Union as a political force and economic in the world 5-start Alambeshrma Muslim communities in Europe dialogue against the voices of extremism and distortion of Islam, the religion of peace and love 6. It is to be Europe's great role in solving the Middle East issues, particularly the Palestinian issue