Dear European Parliament, My point of view of tackling the climate change issue is simple. But your task is demanding. You have to carry out these approaches as fast as possible. Urgent - that's the best word to describe the situation right now. ''Encourage youngsters and young students to eat plant-based meals, at least 1 day a week and make it a new habit for young people within the European countries'' HOW? Control the school meals at schools and unversities to spare at least 1 day a week to offer plant-based/ cruelty-free but nutritous meals during the day. According to scientific research, one dish of reduced meat portion can help offer the meals for those in need, as well to slow down to the pace of global warming. As a result, if the entire unversity go vegan JUST FOR THAT DAY, together with other schools and unversities in the whole country JUST FOR THAT DAY, imagine how much changes we can swift and help others have food to eat. Encourage schools to cook meat-free meals, support their funding to make it come true, and I challenge you to look at numbers/statistics of 6 months later, to see how much it is GOING TO CHANGE. My name is Anh Luu, and I stand up for peaceful, plant-based meals at schools and unversities. Together, let's change the world not by establishing laws and projects, but from the change you make from your daily meals! I look forward to your actions. Sincerely, Anh Luu
Dear EUnarrative, My idea is simple: Build self financed eco-projects using a search engine! According to the website: , 78% of ouest europeans are using internet, 70% of them are daily users which means that ~ 300 millions of ouest europeans are using internet in a daily basis. If a search engine uses ads, the profit is around 0.1€ per search. Now let us admit that a european internet user is doing 10 researches per day on internet, this means that ~3 000 millions of researches are done every day in ouest Europe. If only 30% of those researches would be done using an european search engine, this would mean that Europe can benefit up to 300 millions euros per day. The goal then is to use this money to finance local eco-projects. The money would be distributed to cities and villages according to the number of their citizen who used this search gate, let us call it ‘The Tree’. Thus a citizen can finance an eco-project in his/her city only by doing an internet research using ‘The Tree’. Here are several examples of eco-projects financed by 'The Tree' at the scale of a city or a village: -installation of solar panels on each houses roofs of a village -finance shops for local farmers where they can sell their goods without passing through the hands of large retailers, they could sell their products in a higher price but still the latest would be lower for the consumer -finance biological agriculture -free public transports -build gardening area in cities or next to the cities where each citizen can grow vegetables -build green walls for city buildings -finance thermal insulations of old houses -financial help for citizen who want to buy electric/hybrid cars -bikes loan …. This project would require computing servers as it is currently required by Google, Yahoo… but in this case, the CO2 produced to store datas would be balanced by the eco-projects instead of going to private companies which do not (or poorly) act against climat change. To push people to use 'The Tree' one can use social medias such as national TV channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube... This idea is inspired from the project ecosia: , which finance trees plantation in Madagascar. Thank you for your consideration. Best regards, M.Barbeau
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