To show them that their ideas matter and have power.
Make a more direct democracy by using technology. Make a EU app for example and do polls. Even polls on social media is a nice start
Young people can be more involved in the democratic process and in politics in general, if they are assured that policymakers are listening to them. They have to know that their voice, experiences and opinions have a value. Also, it will be a good thing to develop multiple platform (online, offline, exchange programs etc...) in order for youth to share its opinions, experiences and give a sort of "feedback". The importance here it is to give youth a true voice. It can be achieved if, for example youth have its own delegates. In the same direction, it can be added that there is a need for a - true - youth policy, made by youth, for youth.
Make the EU truly democratic and more transparent. It is beyond ridiculous that the EC is the most powerful assembly in the EU, yet its members are not elected. Both EC and EP members should be democratically elected. Also be more transparent and honest about all the costs. The amount of money that is spent on EU politicians is beyond obscene. Lead by example and don't tell people what to do but don't yourself. If people trust their politicians they are more inclined to vote. Also give the people more influence, and allow for input (even advisory) by means of referenda.
By actually listening to them instead of just seeing them as taxpaying objects.
Young people want to be shown that their views are listened to, and that decisions are taken which are good for them, not which go against them. We must put an end to corruption.
Ensure the voting age for EU Elections is 16 throughout the EU. Set up Local EU Young Peoples' Councils throughout the EU which would take the views of young people and feed their ideas into the main bodies of EU decision makers. So, groups of young people in Athens or Tallin, for instance, could ensure their voices are heard in Brussels or Strasbourg.
Some of the students claim you should organize more parties, for example rave parties, and mix it with a democratic process.
I strongly believe there's only one simple way of dealing with the EU's democratic legitimacy. Let's look at the EU? Is its constitutional structure democratic? Yes, there's a parliament of elected representatives and a council of elected national leaders and a government (commission) who must have the confidence of parliament, much like many national constitutions. So, this means that its structure is not the problem. So, let's look a little deeper, what's the defining moment in a democracy? Elections. Are electors capable of making an informed decision between European political parties? No, for a simple reason, on the ballot box, I won't find SDP EPP ALDE etc. (European parties) but I'll find national parties! On tv I'll never see an European politician trying to convince me to vote for him! So something strange happens, European elections become really a national mid election in which national governments seek popular approval for national issues. This is why the EU is perceived far! I don't know all my local regional politicians, but yet I voted for them, and so would never dream of questioning their democratic legitimacy. I'll make a proposal to anyone reading, for the 2019 European elections, let's get European parties to agree on a believable candidate that can relate to the people, on a political manifesto designed to be understood by common citizens and on a common symbol to put on ballot papers across Europe!
Nowadays, young people are affected by the career choices they make without any concrete prospects of being employed in a near future. Because of this, many of us show some diisbelief on the democratic processes and even want some drastic chances in order to see some light of the end of the tunnel. Young people, should be encouraged, since their entrance on the school system, on participating in the electoral processes, lectured on the importance of participating and making their opinion matter. So one way to do it is to encourage the participation and lecture about all the consequences, benefits and role they have and can have in their society just by voting and being engaged. Also, for us, after college, it would be a great option to have more ways to enter and to develop skills related to the democratic processes in the EU. Many young people do not understand the european union, its role and all the agendas, so I think we do need the european institutions closer to young people and not only posing as something which is only a dream job for most of us (me included).