In a recent survey, we found that 32% of young Europeans want to study, train or work in another EU country – but only 12% ever have.

How can we make it easier for more young people to move around the EU and find opportunities to work, study or volunteer? How would you encourage other young people to find out what it’s like to live in another country and get to know fellow Europeans? What ideas do you have to make working and living abroad realistic and rewarding for everyone?


Helllo NNFE!! I believe that the most challenging part to go abroad is to find accommodation and public transportation so it would be easier if there was a site that shows how to get from your university to the place you're living in. Also (this is especially for Erasmus students) there should be a page with Universities that shows the lessons you are able to attend as an Erasmus student in order to decide which is more suitable to you. Thank you for trying to make things easier for young Europeans!
First of all t here are too many sources where you can find information about work, volunteering and studies. There should be one, reliable site (only one brand name). Of course, next step would be to seek for awareness of the site (marketing/advertising). Lastly, the way information would be presented to the audience. Most of the people enjoy vlogs/videos which can even run in the background (if a person is busy) and is a fast way to get the information. So, I would suggest vlogs of real people with real experiences+motivation and other informative content. Also, live chat for questions would be a convenient.
1. Study abroad- All universities should improve their own 'Buddy System'. This is a great opportunity to make connection between the local students and the Erasmus students. Also the Buddy System bring closer the local students to the experience of mobility, maybe their next step would be to study abroad. We need more volume on this case. 2. EVS- it is a really good opportunity with a lot of values , but need a lot more advertising. 3. Working abroad. - Should have same associations like ESN to gather and get closer each other foreign people. Many of my friends scare to make the big step because there are no friends, and they are scare to be lost in a country far away their home. We should make some organisation which gather people with same worries and help to build a home far away from home.
Easy, just make Erasmus or an internship mandatory for every student of every university! Such a valuable experience.
1. PAY better for erasmus scholarship. 2. Make sure univ. pay right their students. (No steeling the money from erasmus) 3. Arange acomadation at fare price. As much as posibel. 4. Cantine and sports will be nice. 5. Grades to be accepted at home university. ____ Just providing decent life condition if you chose erasmus.
The main problem is the search for internships/jobs or something. I personally have no clue where to start except google but that'snot really helpful since most internships are unpaid or you even have to pay in order to work. I would wish for a platform where companies can directly offer internships mostly for international people and with the help of universities of different cities which want to participate in this exchange.
Some countries do enjoy several European voluntary programmes for students, but the main problem is that they are not very visible. You should expand the exposure, make everything as clear as possible, advertise more, attract and convince. Campaigns for the information of the public should be run in universities, also by volunteers. This would give people a fair example of what European volunteering might look like. Also, there are still many people who feel discouraged by the fact that they do not have plenty of experience when it comes to internships or even volunteering jobs. There are very many groups who require very specific skills for the jobs, skills that cannot be encountered say in...a freshly graduated high-school kid. The same goes with language skills. There should be done so much more work in that field as well, classes, entertaining activities, competitions, etc. Also, I believe there is a great issue with the recognition of diplomas and other official papers and many youngsters feel like they are set to fail in their academic or other kinds of endeavours from day one only because of all the paperwork that needs to be done. There should exist in every country offices and agencies that help the students decide what course of action they should take next, what university they should choose, what study programme, and give them a hand with the bureaucratic chaos.
These are the main points to be tackled: - Abolish unpaid internships, - Make university degrees widely accepted at the EU level, - More international university agreements, - Set up a minimum wage for all EU countries, - Stop enterprises from moving to countries with cheaper human resources, - Diminish language barriers between countries, - Retirement should be set up to an earlier age, to make it possible for young people to enter the job market.
The EVS is already an amazing opportunity for this, all that's missing is visibility. Advertise it A LOT more! I found it by pure chance.
I would love your website to be a portal where you could easier find information about the organizations in the different countries that holds information about all your different projects! It's too difficult to get information about how to join your projects, and too difficult to get in contact with the people that can actually send you off to the different projects and guide you. In different words: It would be great with more guidens and easier access to more and different organizations with more knowledge about the different offers that there is. It's confusing to navigate in between the projects and on your website, and hard to figure out how to actually go, and it's too bad.