I do not think it needs to be easier.... it is quite easy as it is. At the very least it is not a problem that needs high priority on the schedule. First make the EU transparent and democratic and try to earn people's trust. That is your main problem. And get a backbone, you know the Turkey/Erdogan situation stinks, tell him off. Do not associate with a country like Ukraine until they have shown they are worthy association partners instead of the corrupt, criminal government they are right now.
You want to make it yet easier to move between countries? This is some of what you did so far: Thanks to "Schengen" I can no longer move or go or be anywhere whatsoever without being required to carry the very thing Schengen was sold us as obsoleting at the border: A passport. That means my front door is now implicitly a border. And now my very own government has declined to even accept the paperwork for issuing me merely the simplest and least powerful passport of all, the EU-only "ID card". This means that thanks to more and more stringent rules, many of which are EU-mandated or -required, I am now illegal in my country of birth, I have no access to any of my rights, I can't legally work, and so I'm living on my dwindling savings, that have just run out. So this is pretty much my last chance to fawn over your wonderful successes, since I won't even have an internet connection for much longer. Or be able to afford pen and paper, nevermind a postage stamp. Your "making it easier to work in another EU country" actually dumped me down a black hole from which there is no escape. As a result, as far as I'm concerned, every single EU bureaucrat is one too many. Yes, you have lots of good intentions, but all you managed to do was pave the road to hell. Oh, and trumpet to the world how great you are. That you do very well indeed. Just like mr. Trump does so well. You have a lot in common. Too bad your greatness only cost me every means to feed myself, and cut off access to all benefits and subsidies too. Paid for from tax monies you're so free to dole out to everyone in the world except to the people you're supposed to unite, it seems. So, one last gasp from supposedly a EU-citizen but actually a despised EU-aboriginal, thanking you for your good works in the exclusiveness industry. You call it inclusiveness, but it really only goes for your kind of people, not all kinds of people. Certainly not people who haven't been imported from lesser parts of the world recently. Indeed, were I a fortune seeker from Africa I'd have more rights than I have as a native of a northern European country. Thanks, Mister Timmerfrans, and all the rest. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work, fight the good fight, and all that, eh.
Principalmente potenciando la ayuda a los jóvenes, fomentando la formación antes de trabajar allí y una vez allí. ayudas de idiomas o quizás un periodo de prácticas dentro de la empresa de destino. si no existiera pues con pequeñas ayudas o becas para poder sobrevivir los primeros meses en el país de destino.
Making it possible to only know fluent English to rapidly relocate and work in any EU country. There are other possible things to do, but this would eliminate the single biggest problem.
I'm from Eastern Europe country, which is not a EU resident. Since 19 years old, I've been engaged in my family business, and since 23 years I started to do my own business. This is extremely interesting to work for a few months in any EU company, to have an internship or small contract work. But it's seems like a problem - to find an appropriate opportunity and managed all steps of entering. So, I think that i'd be cool to create a website with tenders & internships & contract jobs especially for Eastern Europe residents and other people. Also, this site is better to promote in the target region maximally. Talking about my case, I really want to try the European working atmosphere for successful cooperation with EU partners after coming back. Also, I'm sure that this will allow to raise democratic values & boost specific skills in my local, working environment.
die Europäische Union steht für den Abbau von Grenzen und die Beseitigung von Hindernissen. Im gemeinsamen Binnenmarkt klappt das hervorragend, und auch das Reisen ohne Passkontrolle ist dank dem Schengener Abkommen tief im europäischen Bewusstsein verankert. Auf dem Arbeitsmarkt jedoch sind die Hürden zwischen den verschiedenen Ländern immer noch groß. Weder die Versicherungen noch die Altersvorsorge und erst recht nicht die Formulare und sonstige Bürokratie sind miteinander vergleichbar oder gekoppelt. Das müssen wir ändern. Wir brauchen einen gemeinsamen, europäischen Arbeitsmarkt mit Sozialsystemen, die miteinander sprechen! Des Weiteren sollte jedes Formular neben der Landessprache auch in den Arbeitssprachen der Kommission (Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch) zur Verfügung stehen. Den Job zu wechseln muss durch Harmonisierung so einfach werden wie das Wechseln der Schuhe.
No se debería cambiar el sistema establecido en ese país, si ello supone una alteración grande en su sistema y problemas a la hora de aplicar los cambios. Por ejemplo, el Plan Bolonia ha sido aplicado en muchas universidades españolas, sin embargo se sigue usando libros de licenciatura y programas no adaptados al grado, quedando mucho temario sin dar y debiendo ser estudiado por nuestra cuenta. Asignaturas que se daban en un año, ahora se dan en 4 meses. Carreras en las que el máster era dispensable ahora se hace obligatorio. No son medidas justas para lis estudiantes, aunque favorezcan al país, no lo son para los estudiantes (que debido a los horarios ofrecidos por dicho plan, resulta casi imposible estudiar y trabajar). Además del impacto económico en las familias. Con esto lo que quiero decir, es que el empleo ha de generarse conforme a lo conveniente para los ciudadanos, fomentando sus actitudes. Así como tener en cuenta el sistema de cada país en el ámbito laboral y mejorarlo (no causar empeoramientos en sus ciudadanos) y si el país no puede llevar a cabo tales cambios por momentos de crisis ayudarle facilitando el trabajo.
It seems to be kind of a vicious circle. If there were more international people working in European companies, people may feel more attracted to the idea, due to the existence of an English speaking environment and several colleagues in your situation that will help you integrate and settle. It may be a good idea to target certain universities intensively, encourage their students to work abroad (maybe even in certain regions or even companies), and use them as example for future similar campaigns targeting other universities and regions.
I think there could be a similar programme as Erasmus, but dedicated to every Tom Dick and Harry, not only students and universities' staff. I would love to go on an 6-12 months internship abroad, but with a financial aid. It could be shared between the programme and the company (e.g. 400€ from the UE and 400€ on the company's behalf). Of course, there has to be some limitations or requirements, like foreign language knowledge. I would die for such opportunity!
Online Linguistic Support: it should be made available, for example through Eurodesk offices for people that show an interest in working abroad, for free. For example, you could be asked to join a list and attend a few conferences about how to find a job abroad (to avoid having people that only want to free course) and then be granted access to the Online Linguistic Support. Furthermore, the OLS should also be available in education centers.