Simplify visa bareers; give more opportunities to foreign employees (to reduce requirements)
Accelerating more cooperation between universities, unified Web platform with International job offers .
Make remote working possible in all EU member states, take example on e-Residency in Estonia to create a pan-European digital system for remote workers (digital signatures, etc.).
Creating and subsidizing a program that includes both work and study of the language, in which the hours of work comparing with study should be more and more over time, in order to arrive at the end to work speaking the language of the country.
Training young people in emerging working fields and improving their language skills.
Make it harder. Less competition for those who actually need a job, harder for those from less economically developed EU countries, who instead of contributing to their country, leave to unbalance a different country.
The age limit should be raised for volunteers/workers in erasmus/eu volunteer projects to at least 35.
Creating longer cultural and linguistic exchange experiences or programs at younger ages.