There have been many uncertainties and challenges recently. This seems to have led to a growing nationalist and anti-EU attitude in many countries.

Why are so many people being drawn towards political extremism, and what can we do to change that? What would you do to avoid young people being gripped by simplistic solutions to complex issues?


How you defend freedom of speech on the internet when censorship is enforced by individual countries? That's the wider issue.
The best response is to learn to accommodate and understand one another. It is time we concentrated on our ‘duties’, rather than our ‘rights’.
YOU CAN NOT! Because of all the lies and deceit of the ruling political leaders in each European country AND Brussels, the working class people have lost all connections to politics and will more and more vote for "new" extreme political views. This is also why the turnout is shrinking with every election. People feel that they are being cheated, not taken seriously and are ignored whenever they come up with their own initiatives, fears and / or concerns. THE PEOPLE only see, hear and read about "fat" politicians, who are in office for their own benefits and NOT for the benefits of the voters! Perhaps political extremism has been delayed for the time being, but if politics AND the politicians do not change, political extremism will further rise until extreme parties will be in power. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
As a medium-term solution, there has to be an element of reasoning and logic to help people understand the consequences of extremism. In the long term, we need to focus on education – with real substance.
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The political extremism appears every time the social group feels excluded. There are many kinds of exclusion, but the main reason is the economical inequality. As long as we treat others like an endless source of cheap workforce, we have to face the problem it causes. People, who can't participate in the society and have no perspectives for a change, start to seek another places to feel appreciated and accepted. Some of them fall into the hands of religious fanatics groups and build their new identity on their lies and hatred. Others feel endangered by the diversity of modern society and join nationalist and populist movements, thinking they're protecting their lifestyle from 'malicious' outlanders. We live in the times of total globalisation, what has never happened in this scale before. It's difficult to create a place to live for people of different views and cultures, but this process is unstoppable. Instead of resisting what we can't prevent and entrenching ourselves in defensive positions, we should be getting used to it and try to understand others rather than fight against them.
- Acciones de sensibilización que incluyen a las administraciones públicas, el tercer sector y la sociedad civil. - Contenidos transversales en la educación reglada sobre historia, cultura y valores europeos. - Creación de un canal de TV+Internet público de la UE emitido con emisión en todos los países con contenidos que promuevan la integración y valores europeos, la diversidad cultural existente, noticias y producciones propias.
1. preservation of public and private freedoms. 2-giving young people a greater participation in the formation of political parties that have a role in shaping European policy 3-Aaljadded integrating immigrants into European society and take advantage of their abilities 4-promote the presence of the EU in resolving the conflicts in the world by adopting a clear policy bear to see the European Union as a political force and economic in the world 5-start Alambeshrma Muslim communities in Europe dialogue against the voices of extremism and distortion of Islam, the religion of peace and love 6. It is to be Europe's great role in solving the Middle East issues, particularly the Palestinian issue