90% of young people who responded to a 2016 survey said it’s important for young Europeans to learn about the EU and how its institutions work. How can education about the EU be improved? What ideas do you have for making sure young people can learn more of the important stuff?


The interest of young people in the European Union must start with the schools. Childrenn primary school talk about the Europen Union, but very brief, pronouncing the most important information. Most teachers don't know much information about Europen Union so it would be good if the people who are familiar with this subject or those who work in the context of the Europen Union would tell young people about it. Young people learn more about the Europen Union if the Europen Union hosts competitions for young people which could be attracting and interesting for them. Of course young people spend a lot of time on social media, in this way they could also get information but materials ( writings, videos, etc.) should be interesting and relevant to young people as well and this is already quite complicated. Information about the European Union could also be include in advertisements - telephone apps, radio, television, etc.).
Using a new name for the European Council and/or for the Council of the European Union.
- Facilitar los intercambios en todos los niveles educativos y en diferentes órdenes (voluntariado, educación reglada y no reglada). - Precios económicos para viajes dentro de la UE para jóvenes. Tarjeta Joven de la Unión Europea que sirva para medios de transporte, alojamientos, etc. -Canal de TV + Internet que emita en todos los países de la UE donde se fomenten los valores que defiende la UE y la diversidad cultural y lingüística.
- Contenidos transversales en los currículos educativos. - Un canal público de la UE con contenidos para TV e Internet, que tenga como objetivo fundamental el conocimiento de las diferentes culturas europeas, noticias, funcionamiento y promueva los valores fundacionales de la UE
A cartoon about EU, broadcast for free on a EU tv channel.
Youth Organisation ALEXIS Prilep is holding learning presentations about the EU and Europe for active citizenship of young people. As for young people can learn more about the EU: Workshops, informal sessions, campaign, activities. Erasmus+ and other European Programmes. Organisations working with young people. Presentation with workshops about young people in Europe and EU, information about unity, diversity, values, tolerance, equality and social inclusion of young people in the European society. Website: http://www.alexis.netii.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALEXIS.Prilep
Think about an European TV channel that can be watched by all the European citizens all around the 27 countries. The same channel with news, movies, debates, concerts, talk shows, cerimonies, workshops, documentaries concerning Europe.
More introduction of material about Europe to be presented, workshops, informal sessions, campaign, activities. Organisations working with young people. Our organisation is holding presentation with workshops about young people in Europe and EU, information about unity, diversity, values, tolerance, equality and social inclusion of young people in the European society.
I think that more things need to be done at school, classes must be easy to understand. Very often, young people think that learning about the EU is boring or they don't really know who is doing what (Commission, Parliament, Council,...) There is a need for a European media (newspaper, TV show,..) as well that could be channelled in each Member State and not only in Brussels that shows what the EU is doing for its citizens. Too often, the national media have a very negative cover of the EU and make it responsible for almost everything (economic crisis, migration,..) but the EU is what the Member States and its citizens want to make of it ! If the youth starts having a more positive image of the EU as not just old bureaucrats working in their corner, they will maybe start to be more interested in the EU !
To allow that young people learn more about EU, I think that we must firstly introduce a teaching about the story and the way of working of EU institutions in all secondary schools of members states. Secondary, it should be necessary more information about EU through newspapers and social networks. In fact, in my opinion, there are no enough news about EU matters in our newspapers and there are few newspapers which are specified in EU issues. So we have to start from schools in order to create a general knowledge about EU and after spread the EU news which can interess young people (opportunities of mobility, of working, of studying etc.) through newspapers and social networks.