90% of young people who responded to a 2016 survey said it’s important for young Europeans to learn about the EU and how its institutions work. How can education about the EU be improved? What ideas do you have for making sure young people can learn more of the important stuff?


The organisation ALEXIS is holding learning presentations about EU and Europe for active citizenship of young people. As for young people can learn more about EU?: More introduction of material about Europe to be presented, workshops, informal sessions, campaign, activities. Organisations working with young people. Our organisation is holding presentation with workshops about young people in Europe and EU, information about unity, diversity, values, tolerance, equality and social inclusion of young people in the European society. Website: http://www.alexis.netii.net
The ideas expressed so far are good. I also think that it is necessary to create more opportunities for young people to get to know directly the European Union's institutions, through visit studies for example. Giving a greater presence to European Institutions in cinematic fiction, for example, can make them more interesting to youngsters, simultaneously transmitting useful knowledge and civic virtues.
How about developing cross media outlets that are directed straight at the young people? To reach a certain population, you have to use their medium. There could be a regular programme telling us what is happening at an EU level every week/day, and that would look a bit more attractive than existing channels, using social media for example.
There are quite a lot of university courses on EU studies, but how much do we learn about the EU at school? It would be great to have a pan-European educative scheme for school children, that would be common throughout Europe, and would ideally be delivered by young volunteers either during or after school. Volunteers would receive some training, and would thus not only learn themselves, but also gain some valuable experience in public speaking, presentation, discussion and so on. It would be even greater if there was also volunteer travelling involved!