What might the European Union of the future look like?

It's time to get the young voices of Europe heard! What do you want from Europe? What would you like to change? The New Narrative for Europe is a chance to talk about your vision for Europe.

We know that young people are concerned with Europe's future. You are the people who will be most affected by decisions that are being made right now.

That's why we want YOU to lead the new narrative for Europe!

Your ideas will be noticed by the people that can make a difference at a European level.

You have already told us you’re interested in:

  • Becoming united in diversity
  • Employment and education
  • Freedom of movement
  • The changing climate

We'd like to hear your ideas for tackling these challenges, as well as any other things you think will affect your future in Europe. We're looking for constructive suggestions that can help to solve problems.

Add your ideas under each question. Afterwards, tell us which ideas are the most important to you by rating the suggestions!