Yes, we should promote, but besides promoting we should facilitate all necessary infrustructure. Indeed, more and more people are willing to recycle, nevertheless, there is almost no facilities for that, i.e. in Ukraine.
In the name of Gaia, please, less EU involvement. It is time for the EU tot think about what people want, not what the EU wants. You are strangers to us, and we don't know what you add to society anymore. We do know you cost a lot of money. Ask yourself: what problem do you solve. What happens when 75% of your rules are revoked. Ehrhard made the Wirschaftswunder with as little rules as possible. The EU suffocates industry with rules. The EU is in a constant race against industry.
If we are not moving forwards, than we are standing still. If we are not reducing the amount of waste we produce every day, than we are just making it more. For the Y generation recycling is becoming an obvious part of everyday life. For our parents though, it comes sometimes as quite a shock that they should somehow organise things they are throwing away. The crucial point is however, that recycling does not combine a series of complicated procedures. Recycling means forcing yourself to slightly change your current habits and maybe find a little bit more room for bins. It's not rocket science, it's so simple but can change so much. Therefore, I believe that introducing a common bill that would regulate this issue would just fasten the process of recycling becoming a worldwide habit for everyone.
Yes! Promoting campaigns that highlight the importance of recycling and creating a standard European system, since traveling to other countries can be confusing when it comes to recycling, since their systems are quite different.
Definitely! But all the time keeping in mind that recycling is only one part the equation. Don't forget to also Reduce and Reuse! The problem here is that the way our economy is based on growth, it kinda keeps requiring an ever increasing production, which, even if it includes recycling, is not super-compatible with the other two "Rs" in the long term. So, what we really need to change if we want to have an environmentally sustainable EU is our economy, in a way that will favour all three "Rs"!
Europe should join the let's do it world campaign to promote green environmental practices but also look at innovation the energy and waste sector.
Yes definitely. But to be really effective, it should be done the same way everywhere and with the more garbage as possible (today, it depends on the region to decide if it's possible to recycle or not a garbage and it's really confusing when you move elsewhere).