Sí. Creo que es importante e imprrscindible que la Unión Europea fomente acuerdos y tratados con otros países, como lo hizo para frenar la contaminación (mediante órganizaciones internacionales como la ONU o el Protocolo de Kioto), pues, reciclar es otra forma de contribuir al mantenimiento del medioambiente y por tanto disminuir la contaminación. Sino pensemos en los numerosos vertederos ilegales que ha día de hoy siguen existiendo en muchos países europeos. Mi prepuesta es no sólo concienciar a la gente (factor muy importante) sino crear más grupos de trabajos que se encarguen de acabar dichos vertederos y se aseguren de que la gente no tira nada ahí, mediante una señalización y crear contenedores de reciclaje en esas zonas. También es importante las campañas publicitarias sobre cómo reciclar y porqué.
Of course, no doubt and adding a price to the bottle to get it back when recycling ♻ (like Germany) would have a good impact, environmental and socio-economic
Not only making recylcing compulsory but also promoting the reduction of our garbage on a significant scale ! Possible ways for doing so: - reward (financial or other kind of reward) for doing recylcing or having less that a specific amount of garbage per person - zero waste challenge for families on different time scales (weeks, months, years...) with mediatic coverage - promote local zero waste shops by giving financial support to help to cover the high prices - put "returnable glass" back on habits and compulsory - educate youngsters to create their own cosmetic products (toothpaste, skin creams, soap, shampoo...) - being an example for the rest of the world by encouraging other countries to follow the steps of ecological process
Yes definitely, EU should push and help countries to use returnable bottles systems, like many European countries already have.
Eu acho que é muito importante ajudar a promover reciclagem no continente que estamos a viver.
Yes definitely!! It is a shame that it is not more widely spread, though instead of forcing all countries in one single rule I guess it would be better to somehow set incentives for the countries to develop an own system. And the most important thing is that it works!! Just implementing some rules and fines and stuff which are formally fulfilled don't help at all. The central element that should be watched out for is that the system is really used by the populations... I.e. I guess EU should thus provide help with educating people on the importance of recycling so that the understand and separate rubbish by themselves (using an offical system of course...)
Yes, and also preventing production of excess packagings and re-using products
Yes, yes and yes! Encourage national governments to implement and closely monitor recycling systems/ practices in their cities/ regions. Fines for those who do not comply.
Absolutely! Recycling is the most important and easy way to reduce pollution
Yes! Recycling is a good way to reduce polution, global warmth, and species extinction.