I think the proposed free interrail ticket for everyone who turns 18 would help a lot, because it's something 'tangible' young people get from the EU. Though we shouldn't just give it to them, but explain that the EU wants youngsters to explore the EU and learn about the European culture and that this trip is meant to be very educational. Besides, being active on social media and offering trips/workshops/course material to schools could highly increase the interest of young people in the EU.
Through practice. There is absolutely no point of organising a series of not so much interesting lectures that will generally and not very clearly say, what the E. U. is about. I believe that much more efficient way of getting youngsters to be interested in the actions of E.U. is organising international conferences, meeting, exchanges, even for the youngest children. Only by touching and experiencing on your own skin what being a E.U. citizen means, one can truly understand what the whole concept is about.
It could be a good idea to support sme's whose object is european project management. These companies often have a lot of project won but they have no funding to set up a good comunication strategy. Helping them to have much more visibility could be a good manner to show how the UE is important for national growth.
a) Make EU history a permanent part of the school curriculum of all European countries. Most EU countries learn about their country's history but are rarely informed about the formation and function of the European Union. b) Create 'Model European Parliaments', conferences similar to Model UN, which will be promoted and funded by the EU. Through such conferences, student delegates can engage in fruitful political discussion and solve real problems that the EU is facing and debating. In the past, committees like the 'EU Council of Ministers' have been introduced in regional MUN conferences, and students have loved them.
Improving the E.U. They it make more difficult than it is... But even in this shit of E.U., because... sorry, IT IS A BIG SHIT, that the do what they want... The best way is, making EASY INTERACTIVE videos about European Unión including MNEMOTECHNICAL RULES that is very important, because there are SO SIMILAR NAMES that they means differents things... Without thinking what's mean in THEIR OWN COUNTRIES... Do you know when you build something and then put more things and more things and make a dissaster, that is E.U. Conclussion, EASY VIDEO including MNEMOTECHNICAL RULES. The best.
Through organising visits to EU institutions or the Parlamentarium and, above all, through education. It's not surprising that many people don't know how the EU works if they never get to learn anything about it. It should be explained in a clear way and to increase the awareness of the presence of the EU in Europe among youngsters, I believe visiting one or more EU institutions would be an eye-opener to many.
Through interventions at schools by trained stuff or as part of the school curriculum, so that all students get the same chance to learn about it. As youth is raised in a world of high quality media content it is necessary that presentations are made accompanied by such material. The presentations will also give ways to follow EU news. EU mobile app with easy access to subjects of personalised interest. For example: if a young person is interested in Art, the application section will provide information or relevant regulations and policies, news and updates, relevant projects or opportunities.
Making information about the EU website, European Youth and other EU related pages a visible part of school with for example presentations and a campaign. I don't feel like it was easy to find information upon EU's oppurtunities for young people and I did for a long time not know of all the things that existed. Since school is what fills the most time within young peoples everyday, I think that is the right place to reach them.
1. preservation of public and private freedoms. 2-giving young people a greater participation in the formation of political parties that have a role in shaping European policy P integrate new immigrants into European society and take advantage of their abilities 4-promote the presence of the EU in resolving the conflicts in the world by adopting a clear policy bear to see the European Union as a political force and economic in the world 5-start direct dialogue with Muslim communities in Europe against the voices of extremism and distortion of Islam, the religion of peace and love 6. It is to be Europe's great role in solving the Middle East issues, particularly the Palestinian issue
Give more official support to European Youth NGOs and other associations promoting EU values and helping to raise awareness on EU decision-making process (through funding, PR, etc.).