Many jobs don't want to hire young people without job experience, but how can young people get that experience if nobody want to hire them. They need to give a chance to gain job experience. And of course people should be able to retire earlier that new generation can get job and give new ideas to improve work quality.
People should be able to retire earlier, not later – at the age of 60 with a full pension.
We should move towards a free market, cut regulations and increase innovation. Then reduce taxes and move to a ‘pay-as-you-use’ system. It’s not difficult!
It’s about hard work and patience – young people need to start at the bottom and work their way up, not expect to be a CEO after two weeks!
I still am a firm believer that shorter working weeks will address this issue and some others. If the workweek around Europe would be 36 (or 32?) hours then the ' lost' hours would have to be taken up by new staff. This also means that people would be able to spend more time at home with their families. This will help governments reduce costs for daycare centers etc, plus it could have a huge positive impact on family life when parents are able to spend more time with their kids.
The key point is the sense of being empowered and totally free from within. A free mind can create its own work or position. The concept of working needs to be understood in a different light. Working for the sake of working? Or for utilitarian purposes? To simply earn money? A different system can be created which makes the unemployed individual ask many questions and create or choose a job of their dreams (like I did with creating an entire EVS project for myself with an institution I didn't know at all).
We need to shift the focus back on to apprenticeships and encourage learning on the job. Job shadowing and job shares are both useful tools. We also need to improve transport links so that young people, especially those living in rural areas, can actually reach the areas where the jobs are! It’s essential that everyone is able to work so that we can all have an income.
1. Making it possible to only know fluent English to relocate and rapidly find a job. 2. Making it as easy as possible for people to accumulate in-demand skills AND to practice them in real world hands-on contexts for a minimum of 6 months. 3. Making it easy for people to enter influential networks of other people who can connect them to job positions. Most people in the world get hired only because of personal connections. An isolated person with no network (which is the normal situation of anyone who comes from a lower socio-economic background, a small town and/or a different country) is essentially doomed. 4. Creating a powerful and extensive job-matching agency able to match any CV to open positions everywhere in EU in 1-2 weeks, because it's completely absurd to waste hours and hours every week for months on this process, when that time should be invested in building and practicing skills.
It would be great if we started thinking right during our training, making the university (or whichever other center of studies) more "practical". I think all majors should include a class (or several of them) that shows the students which options their studies lead to in the job market, and put the students in contact with the employers.
Give EU based companies more tax incentives to employ young people. Financial and organisational help for young people doing internships.