I think that having a mandatory internship in all faculties would help a lot or at least a platform where students can find some jobs in their area supported by all the universities. All the people I know have such things in their countries, but in Romania, at least in the universities I know there is no such thing. There are some internships for 60 hours, but that is not enough to gain the practical skills. This experience and such a platform would help increase the employment in all areas, because I think there is a huge gap regarding chances of employment between students who finished computer science and those who studied agronomy.
Give them the opportunity to work from their teen years, so that they have already working experience when they finish highschool and they do not have problems of being rejected from work providers due to lack of experience.
Raise the age limit above 30, at least to 35. Why? There is a lot of people who did not have the opportunity to finish their education on time for several reasons and they should not be "punished" for that ( for example: person aged 31 is not able to apply to EVS). Those people are often even more motivated than a youngster of 18 and it is easier to find someone aged betvween 30-35 to participate then an 18 year old. More and more internships (non payed even) and cooperation between schools/universities and organisation and ngo-s for volunteering and practice, especially in small/rural towns. Through that they can experience theory in practice and have the opportunity to go on trainings and meet people from all over the world which is often a revelation for people.
Low interest rates for young people who want to start a business. Why? Because older generations cant offer young people what they want to work. Let young generations work together eliminating the generation gap. What is the goal? The goal is to create an enviroment for young people to create their own work and enviroment thus lowering unemployment and raising inovation etc.
The age limit should be raised for volunteers/workers in erasmus/eu volunteer projects to at least 35, long term unemployed adults could benefit greatly by this.
Labour market deregulation, lower tax burden on businesses and scrap the common external tariff