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I think youth is aware of the fact that the global warning exist and that its becomes more and more threatening every year. I think what it is important to point it is that there is a lack of awarness. Everybody know that climate change exist but few know exactly why, who are the main actors, how it affects everyday lives, which are the main regions / areas in danger where climate change is already seen. All of these questions can sometimes be answered through a research on the web - since information flows easily - but not everybody will do it or can do it. To remediate to this, I think changes can be done in the domain of education principaly because everybody is concerned by it. It will be a begginning to introduce environnemental issues in the curriculum - or emphasize their part - particulary in sciences classes (multiple chapters, domains of study, experiements). What can also be done is to make young people aware of the fact that climate change not only concern foreign people in foreign lands, that it is distant from them, but it also concern them, in the first place. Youth need this perspective in order to be more aware and to take the next step : action.
Environmental organisations could take into classrooms virtual reality equipment that takes students on a virtual trip around the world showing, not just the effects of environment change, but also the science behind the causes! So, students could travel to the melting ice caps, on to disappearing rain forests, see industrialisation and learn why the Earth is being affected by climate change.
Interactive game in schools Social campaigns on social networks Create a funny web serie about people that try to live at zero impact in huge city (for this topic I am aviable for further discussion)
I think young people of today are the most environmentally conscious generation in human history. Look at older generations first.
Nowadays, there is a worldwide lack of awareness about climate change issues. Though, these kind of issues are a problem that concerns the whole world. As a result of this, we all should worry about the current state of our planet and think carefully about the possible solutions that could not only solve this universal problem but also how to improve the conditions of our planet. The best way to inform young people about the global warming is by publishing statistics on the social network since young people are used to be really good at making use of them daily. I would use statistics as a way of making people aware as they are impartial data and easily understandable. Furthermore, simulations that show the planet of the future would be a brilliant idea to promote this kind of awareness between us with the aim to analyze the unquestionable seriousness of this issue.
The truth is that there is no universal way, which can guarantee reaching everyone (at least not on deep level in order to make them take action or change their lifestyles). In most cases young people are aware of climate change and are getting informed about the environment at school and trough different documentaries and eco-friendly campaigns. As we see on daily basis, sensations (with other words - exaggerated or extremely presented topics) get most attention. I can imagine that it would work if we make such adverts and only put one half of them on the tv or wherever else and if the viewers are interested to know more about the addressed topic, they can watch the other half on a website, dedicated to providing information about the climate change. And there shouldn't be only facts in the videos. Sometimes it is way more impressive when the viewers are made feel connected to the problems. And as I said, most Europeans are aware of the climate change issues. I believe it is more important to give simple directions/tips on what a normal person can do to prevent a climate disaster. Here is an example: though we all know we should take the bus or ride a bike, we often go for the car because it's easier and more comfortable. If there is an advert hinting at that problem, showing the consequences on a global level and reminding once again that we should think in a long term, maybe more people will change their behaviour. I also think that we should start this kind of education in early years like in the kindergarten or so.
For me, the best way to inform young people is get them indulged and immersed to the real benefits derived from the environment. Neglect has caused an almost irrepairable damage to the atmosphere, the seas and oceans and to our lands because of climate change.
It is important for young people to realize we are the ones that can make a big change in climate change. An idea to make more aware young people about the effects of climate change could be to have more volunteers periods related with environmental issues and climate change. Also from the EU Institutions they could try to work with young people in the communication and the message between political laws and actions and citizens. One nice date to do something like that could be the dates when it was celebrated the Paris Agreement, in order to remain every year the importance of this international agreement. It is clear that the most important thing is to make more a more young people aware about what is going on and what they can do to improve the situation at some level and the best to achieve that is improving the communication between institutions, experts and citizens.
To create a fun game -app for mobile phones where you can exchange activities (taking a walk instead of a car, collecting lightbulbs and deposing them in proper place, solving quick tests about enviroent) for some rewards- free little plants, eco shoping bags, giftcards to eco shops in your city.