Internalize costs on the environment in products. The producer will have to try to minimize these costs and therefor become more sustainable. For example meat has a huge environmental cost so in stead of subsidizing it, it should cost more.
Rely on wind and solar enegy, introduce the citizens of EU to the mordern wind turbines, which may be used in a single household. Forgeterino about fossil fuels, most of them are bought from non-EU members which is a bit problem. Take actions against the biggest polluters, such as lignite powerplants. Create a program that subsidize companies wanting to rely on renewable energy. The same kind of thing may be Done for households, just maybe not by subsidizing them but by lowering the taxes for the the solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal energy and etc.
Move to 100% renewable energy by the end of 2030. We've had more than enough talk, enough political rhetoric, now it's time to act.
Start from usual things: save trees, don't waist water, to increase recycling.
Recognize that we are killing the world and we dont have another home to live. Stop to live as having endless lifetime.Understand that money is not eatable.Spend your life to be a good person not to be rich.
Educate children since primary school about the most basic environmental-friendly activities.
Reduce packaging. Discourage disposable products. Promote ecomobility. Use renewable sources of energy.
Reciclate creatively: nothing is lost forever. Plant trees and protect the nature!
Raise awareness. Forbid plastic bags in supermarkets and shops. Facilitate repairs of any kind of goods. Make producers publish the ecological footprint of products.