We need more cooperation to help the countries bordering Russia. We need unity to prepare for the years ahead.
Peace and stability, in the EU sense, so often seem to be the antithesis of democracy and freedom.
We must deal with genocide in the former Yugoslavia. We must also ensure that countries acceding to the EU are, financially, in a fit state to join. Banks that are not being well managed should be left to fail.
I do not believe the EU has to have any additional influence in this area. In my opinion NATO and UN are sufficient. Especially since the current intentions in that direction seem to be more toward expansion of EU and actually destabilizing areas.
dont interfere wit matters we do not really understand. Focus on Europe instead
Everyone is the same on the inside – it’s the cultures and environments we live in which make people different, and we have to recognise this. Overall, we need a re-think on EU foreign policy in order to promote peace and stability.
Yes, Europe should get involved in foreign conflicts, but for real. I mean, trying to really solve the issue, no doing like. For example: Syria. In Syria, Europe has done NOTHING, but make the war longer. Europe should have helped one of the parts, the rebels for instance, providing them with whatever they need to win the war and take back the normality to the country. Russia has been smarter and has done it, with the difference that they have supported Al-Assad. But the main point is to end the bloody conflict and delete Daesh.
Sí, siempre y cuando no intervenga activamente en el conflicto y ayude al más necesitado o desfavorecido. Es importante que la UE desarrolle planes de paz en otros países, si actúa como un intermediario entre los países partes de un conflicto, asegurando la paz entre ambos y velando por los Derechos del Hombre y del Ciudadano, actuando conforme a principios y valores básicos, como el derecho a la libertad, a la integridad física y la vida... Intentando crear un equilibrio.
Why we don't create a trade agreement with Africa? A fair one! They get access to the European market without any customs duties. And Europe gets access to the African market, but only through a customs duty. It would be the best help for development! The European economists will tell it will danger our market. But I think even the European markets will benefit. Due to the growth of the African market and the following prosperity they will be able to sell their high quality products better than before. Even if there is a customs duty. And the high of the customs duty could be discussed for example every two years. So it can be adjusted to the current economic situation.
Yes of course. Enhancing the "earth citizen" feeling more than european feeling is a must do to avoid racism and intolerance. Stability is a matter of relation to others. Confidence in our politics, in our future, developping sense of help and accompanying by being an example to others (and not forcing them to follow us). By building our attitude and developing ourselves to be open minded and tolerance toward our differences, we will be stronger (stoping the colonialism spirit!)