In my opinion having the right mindset is the first step towards managing the migration crisis. 1) A majority of migrants migrate not because they want to, but because they have to. The reasons could range from economic to social and political. 2) with the exception of political refugees, a majority of migrants want to go back to their home countries. But they don't any hope for a better life or a sustainable means of income there. Over the years, Africans in the diaspora have started organising events in their home countries, showcasing different investment opportunities for both those in the diaspora and those living in the country My proposal will focus only on economic migrants especially from Africa One method to manage the migration crisis, is by creating a conductive environment to those migrants her to want to relocate back home. The main reason for this is because irrespective of the dangerous routes used by migrants to enter Europe, the mindset they have is; "there are no opportunities in the country, migrating is the only option. If only I can just get to Europe, I will be able to make something of my life just like those who've migrated before me." Therefore, if more support was given to those projects aimed at encouraging Africans in the diaspora to invest more in their home countries, it will help change the mindset of the people back home that, rather than migrating, there are opportunities to be explored right where they are. Hence less migration To sum all this up Sustainable conditions for Africans in the diaspora to invest in their home countries = Africans to have a change in mindset to find more opportunities right where they are instead of migrating = less people wanting to migrate to Europe or other western countries. Most of these projects are known as "the returnees" project Thank you
Please, please stop destroying Europe, send the migrants back keep Europe safe, clean and happy. Europeans have a right to live freely in their own countries as do we all. Please Stop bringing in more migrants.
Dear concerned Europeans. Before readers get upset, I want to point out that I am not putting the blame on the National governments, the "leadership" in Brussels nor left or right wing orientated citizens. Only history will tell who will be held responsible for turning "the paradise of Europe" into this almost unstoppable and uncontrollable chaos. All European countries are suffering under extremely high and unsustainable debts. New taxes are being implemented and existing taxes are being raised, in order to keep the European countries in working order. Benefits which have been installed to help and / or protect the needy, are being slashed at a very fast rate. Furthermore statistics of the past 20 years are showing that immigration of unschooled migrants feature heavily in unemployment and crime statistics. People also should stop pretending in fairy tales that for example: More generous and humane social programs, Education, Language courses, etc. will solve the migration crisis. This all costs billions of Euros. Someone needs to pay the bill. Many people seem to forget that money needs to be earned and should not be printed! Europe does not have the financial power, to continue pretending to be the saviour of the rest of the world. The uncontrolled influx of immigrants is destabilising Europe culturally and as already pointed out above financially. This must STOP period, if we want to prevent civil wars in the very near future (I sincerely hope that I am wrong!).
Seeing how the situation is worsening over the last few years I am in favor of a system similar to Australia or Hungary. Close the borders, send them back. Also put pressure on the countries that are mistreating their citizens (economic sanctions or embargos might work well). Lately there are just too many golddiggers with a minority of actual refugees mixed in. That has to stop. The current social benefits system will not be able to support this. If more than 80% of migrants is using the social benefits system then there is something wrong. We see costs for our health care rising and have to work more and harder than before. But we see nothing in return, yet migrants are set up ' comfortably', they get assigned housing over original people, they get free health care etc. It simply has to stop, also not in the least for the fact that IS is mixing themselves into the refugee streams in order to infiltrate Europe....
For all EU countries to follow up on the deals made about redistributing refugees from Italy and Greece. No withdrawal from those deals and faster moving forward on that deal. A shame how much time it takes. More aid to Greece and Italy to accommodate the refugees and help vetting process on who is to be admitted as refugee and who to return to his/her own country as economic immigrant. Forget about the deal with Turkey. Very soon to become a dictatorship. Already is. No entry for Turkey to the EU, as leadership is not behaving like in a democracy. So no economic immigrants. EU/UN + businesses should help solve the economic + constitutional problems in their countries. No EU/NATO military interference. They will need to become wiser themselves, in stead of chopping off each other's heads like in EU Middle Ages. Promote smaller nations, without the tribal feuds, but with respect to cultural heritage. Nomadic people should be able to cross borders without problems.
Work with / create international partners to create safe havens, new towns and cities in Syria so that Syrians can build new economies and a new life in their own country. This means that after new elections, although the new Syrian government will govern these areas, any international funding they receive to redevelop the country will be tied to their good governance of ALL Syrians in all parts of Syria.
Find one volunteer for each refugee that functions as a gateway into society for that refugee. The volunteer should try to integrate the refugee into their lives; friends, sports etc.
Make schools and other public or private institutions work together with asylum centers in educational projects for example langauge teaching, food cons, cultural projects etc. Make the native population get a healthy relationsship with the refugees through progressive meetings!
Stop wars. Stop taking advantage of third countries, help them to develop.
Stop wars, stand up against racist rethoric and fearmongering, and instead of 'defending our borders' (FRONTEX) we should focus on helping refugees to enter the EU safely. Once they are here, we should launch more generous and humane social programs, such as Housing (instead of camps), Education, Language courses, etc. (Do not let the NGOs to do all this stuff instead of us. It is really a shame.) Oh, and we should really stop exploiting the poorest regions of the World. Just saying.