Congratulations – you are now President of the European Union!

(Let's pretend for a second that a Presidential role exists and it’s you!)

As the President, you can decide what the most important issues are for Europe.  What would you change to make things better? How would you do that?

In reality, decision-making in the EU is a complex process and does not lie in the hands of just one institution or person. Generally, the European Commission proposes laws which then need to be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council. Each of the EU’s institutions has its own President but they don’t have absolute power, and they can’t interfere in EU countries’ authority.


I would make in every country same salaries. That would reduce moving from your home country to other country. It's a big problem in some countries. A lot of people are moving to other countries because they can't make enough money to live normal life. I would give in every country free English lessons, because we all need a language that we all understand and can communicate.
I would favor teaching Europe in children's classrooms and favor learning several european languages, support and stimulate vacations abroad, support transfronteer cooperation between schools, universities, ngo's, volunteering, etc.
If I were president of the European Union I'd consider the following topics as the most important issues for Europe: * fight against climate change and global warming * make non smoking restaurants, cafes and bars rule * trainee placements for young people throughout the European Union to strengthen their sense as a European before there national-sense. * pay equal salary for equal work no matter which European country is the working place * strengthen the welfare state (especially strengthen childcare and education)
One Europe One Tax... all states have to harmonise tax at a fixed minimum level to avoid Tax Havens within all EU sates. One Europe One "Worker Wage level" harmonised within all EU states. One Europe One Worker's rights.
Make the European constitution finally and the countries that vote negative OUT of Europe. We need be a only country!!!
If I was the President of European Union, first and foremost I would have to give my people a vision to strive and work towards to. Give them the ideal; image of perfect Europe, where the whole world look up to us with respect and when you say "I am European" you can be damn proud of it. I would then push for amending Treaty of Lisbon and clearly articulate what defines us as Europeans and what we stand for. After we know who we are and what we stand for, I would get into practical matters of increasing budgets for science, healthcare, education and environmental preservation. I believe those are the fundamental parts of healthy European society that have to be kept our utmost priority. I would also greatly support joint European military and defense forces in order to protect our ideal that is European Union.
I would make learning at least two other european languages besides you own compulsory from kindergarten. I would require all media providers (TV, Internet) to carry all major european tv stations (at least one from each member state) across the union. I would require all films, physical or digital, to carry either sound or subtitles of its soundtrack in all official EU languages. That there is a single .eu domain and not split into the 28 we have now, making an or, etc, a reality and allowing everyone to see the rich diversity of what the creative minds of the union produces. Any book (electronic or physical) must be released in all official languages on the same day. I would require that if someone moves from one state to another and establish residency, that they gain the right to vote in all elections in that state and not just local and European Parliament elections. I would make it so that the President of the Union is chosen by a majority of the political parties of the European Parliament. That the Council of the European Union becomes a senate, with three member from each member state. That we fund the European Space Agency to the extent, and even more, than NASA is funded so that the European Union's flag will fly over European feet on the moon and beyond. That we become a force for good in the world, with the ability to back up what we believe: that human rights are for all peoples, that political structures are not cultural icons but tools, and that democracy is a tool for the protection of the citizens, who must be well educated and informed truthfully about the world, and known that it is only with their participation can the world be changed for the better. I think at this point my term would be up.....
I believe that what united Europe can only grown with a National identity that is by means of traditions, culture, language, and politics. In this respect today I see the language as main barrier for an united Europe. Just think for example when going to the civil registry in different countries of Europe: you need a Birth and Marriage certificates in international format, where all fields like "name, surname, birth date, etc." are translated in more than 20 languages, only because each country recognize its own language as official. My proposal is to declare English as second official language for all European Countries with the following objectives: -decrease language obstacles among different countries for increasing national identity. -simplify bureaucracy and any official form of communication at European level while reducing translation costs (on deeds, certificates, documents, etc.) -simplify the social integration of any European citizen in any other European country -preserve the original country language as first official language. These by means of the followings: -make mandatory that the State issues new document in English, unless specifically requested in local language by the citizen -make mandatory that institutions (of any form) accepts documents that are written in English -establishment of two formal schools (that can be chosen freely by future students): national schools and international schools. National schools meant for local-language speakers (e.g. citizens of the country) with teaching of scientific subjects in English (e.g. Math, Chemistry, Physics, etc.) while literature and historical subjects in local language. Instead, international schools with teaching in English only, and literature and historical subjects are in a wide-sense, encompassing the major roots of European historical, social, and political facts. -promote the use of English only in business and educational environments, while promoting the use of local languages for social and private uses.
I would give every European citizen above the age of 18 a guaranteed basic income of 100 EUR per month. This would immediately bring up consumption in the East of the EU and radically decrease poverty there, since 100 EUR can be a third of a month's salary in the poorer members. The increased consumption would benefit the West EU, since most trade within the Union is internal. To be able to fund this, ca. 400 billion Euros per year will be required (not counting Britain here) - a large sum, but possible if every EU country spends about 5% of its budget. Those percent will quickly come back from the resulting economic growth and job places created, and from the fact that the inequality between West and East sinks.
If I was the President of the United Europe,if I had that opportunity, I would promote a program which includes two parts strongly connecting to each other. Firstly, I would take care that every town every village in Europe would have a school and furthermore and educational system who will provide their students with the rightful benefits in order to go out their and stand proudly in the international market.Secondly, I would promote the construction of two energetic islands who their are going to promote energy to the capitals and the largest cities in order to absolve Europe from air pollution.