Congratulations – you are now President of the European Union!

(Let's pretend for a second that a Presidential role exists and it’s you!)

As the President, you can decide what the most important issues are for Europe.  What would you change to make things better? How would you do that?

In reality, decision-making in the EU is a complex process and does not lie in the hands of just one institution or person. Generally, the European Commission proposes laws which then need to be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council. Each of the EU’s institutions has its own President but they don’t have absolute power, and they can’t interfere in EU countries’ authority.


I would make wide range of opportunity for all people to try different sports, to stay in motion, to stay healthy, social and included in society they live in. How? Less bureaucracy, more action. I would encourage local authorities to support such actions. We also need quality planning for future - we need quality infrastructure that we use every day to get to school, work ... Less cars, more clean air actions. #BeActive
I would try to make better integration of unprivileged people in social life
Well for starters, I would establish a special council which control the President of the EU, and said council would be elected and supervised by EP. Secondly, I'd probably want to standardize taxes in ALL EU member countries, not only the rates would be the same, but also the forms, so everyone can finally understand what they should fill-out. Thirdly, I'd flaunt the Brexit card in front of UK's gov so that they finally educate their citizens on what EU is about and stop being so difficult. Moreover, I would launch a campaign that deals with the issue of poverty- lots of people don't have enough food to feed themselves properly, usually because they don't have a job or are not paid enough which leads to my next point. I would set an adjusting minimum wage- the amount of money that You'd get would depend on 3 factors: inflation, the price of the standard goods from a supermarket- like Lidl which doesn't cover only 2 EU countries. In said basket there would be appliances to clean, food, clothing and some pocket money for accidents/clothing. And the 3 factor- age of the person- I would apply the Dutch system here cause it's pretty awesome. I would also like to establish the same rules on abortion in every single EU country- yes I'm looking at Poland with disdain for this horrific law that makes Middle Ages look civilized for Christ's sake! Basically- abortion should be legal if there is a threat to mother's life/ the baby is going to be born with some kind of defect (it is not so easy to raise a child with a Down syndrome)/ the child is a product of rape. Speaking of rape and paedophilia- I would also like more restrictions on this matter- castration sounds about damn right. I mean in Poland a rapist will be sentenced to less jail-time than a woman that aborts his baby. Sounds crazy? Believe me, this is real. Ok, so it may seem like a LOT, but actually this is just the tip of the iceberg of problems. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
Homeless people represent an issue across all Europe. I think that we should begin looking at them as useful to the community, instead of passing by and looking away. I think that all european countries should create a common system through which homeless people are offered a roof over their heads in exchange for their workforce. For example, in my city, I have seen many intelligent homeless people solving chemistry problems, inventing machines out of garbage, or playing the violin. These people should be taken care of, both physically and mentally, in exchange for their contribution to society. Of course, some may not want to participate, others may be mentally ill, but I think this solution would change many people's lives and the aspect and well being of all european cities.
First of all, I'd encourage the further integration, to the point where we have one federation, the United States of Europe. The culture, history and identity of all individual nation-states would be respected. In this hypothetical scenario, globalization and further unification of the world in hopes of achieving lasting peace and prosperity would be one of the top priorities. When it comes to internal affairs, I'd put a large focus on alleviating the effects of decades of segregation of people on margins of society. Criminals would be put through psychological examinations to establish what induced their criminal behavior, after which they'd be put through the educational and psychological treatments while serving their sentences. I'd fight intensely against all forms of extremism. One of the main goals of my term as president would be to reduce corruption in all nation-states as much as it's possible. The two main points, however, would be the education and entrepreneurship. I'd gather the best, world-renowned experts on educational policy, psychology, general cognitive science, pedagogy and more, to put together a modern and effective educational curriculum. Students and young people in general would have many benefits, especially in creating their own businesses. Lastly, I'd encourage people to build their enterprises through education and several different incentives and benefits. I believe that countries that emphasize entrepreneurial development have the healthiest economies.
I would start by reinstating the values of the European Union and propose a European migration solution problem that doesn't rely on Turkey and start creating real social changes for underprivileged people and minorities, in order to have these groups take part more in European society and share the values of the EU. I would also create a project that requires countries to present medium to long term plans in order for the European Union to plan accordingly for the future and a common goal to be set. Another important issue is assuring the future generations a good education and enviroment, so project in these fields should also be seriously considered. And definitely, I would stop arguing with other EU mp's and complaining just to waste time.
Reform the political structure: The President of the European Commission should be elected directly to increase legitimacy. Parties should also campaign at the union level, rather than at the national level. National level foreign policy should be entirely replaced with joint foreign policy in an instituition similar to the ECB. The same should go for the armed forces. Economics: A complete rewamp of the Structural funds: focus on the interregional development and on dampening regional imbalances rather than on pursuing the development of the poorer regions.The current policy is hurting both sides: the recipients "suffer" an artificial oil-shock destabilizing them politically. Enforce equal treatment. The reality is that most jobs would only require some English and no knowledge of the local language, yet most member states discriminate based on language. Without higher regional labor mobility, there will be no future for the EU. For similar reasons expanding the Erasmus programme is essential.
Changes in the military spectrum didn't prevent. I would start with this structure.
I would help homeless people and absolutely children. And education is the most important thing for every person. But at first we should finish the hunger in the world. These would be my first goals. Life worhts to live.
I would reconstruct the educational system so that no matter where a young person ends their learning, they have an opportunity to go into employment at every level with no delay. In short focusing on the merger of education and work so that both sides benefit.