Congratulations – you are now President of the European Union!

(Let's pretend for a second that a Presidential role exists and it’s you!)

As the President, you can decide what the most important issues are for Europe.  What would you change to make things better? How would you do that?

In reality, decision-making in the EU is a complex process and does not lie in the hands of just one institution or person. Generally, the European Commission proposes laws which then need to be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council. Each of the EU’s institutions has its own President but they don’t have absolute power, and they can’t interfere in EU countries’ authority.


I would promote European values to the younger generation. Boosting a European identity, creating a sense of unity and elaborating Erasmus for instance. It's time for the youth to take over control.
I would have a close look at Switzerland and then implement it at EU level.
My priorities as President of the EU would be five: - War on social exclusion and poverty. I would urge companies to voluntarily use an affordable percentage of their profits to create new jobs. Alternatively, I would urge for a Directive that creates fiscal incentives for companies that generate new jobs. I would do my best to take the fight against homelessness to the next level and ask for strong financing of projects based on the Housing First principles. The aim is to end homelessness once and for all and restore people's dignity. - The environmental cause. I would urge for the end of subsidises to fossil fuels and for 0 tax on renewable energy, especially in the case of medium and small renewable energy projects. Same tax incentive for electric vehicles, plus very low interest financing for the purchase of such vehicles. Most carbon dioxide emissions come from transport and the production of electricity. - Transparency and accountability cause. I would push for improved and increased transparency in European Institutions, by working closely with NGOs specialised in the topic. Unbalanced and opaque lobbying to EU institutions is an urgent problem. - Active citizenship. I would demand more instruments and occasions for engagement with public institutions and policy making for citizens. Young people have been steadily losing interest in politics and that must be reverted. The Structured Dialogue in countries such as Portugal seems not to be working democratically. It is not open and known to all the youth. I would demand that the European Commission become more democratic. - Consistent foreign policy cause. I would fight to end the European Union's "All but arms" external policy which is promoting massive land grabbings around the World and is therefore indirectly responsible for rainforest destruction and native people's misery. The EU must stop exporting arms, and therefore end its hypocrisy regarding Human Rights promotion in the world. The EU must adopt a common Resource Import Policy that will oblige member states to stop importing oil and other resources that come from countries run by governments not guided by democratic principles and Human Rights.
I would bann all lobbyists from Brussels, and ask every staff of the EU, including the MPs, to declarate all incomes, holdings and interests. The EU needs to become extremely transparent, if it want's to convince people of its use.
More important 1 development economic ( I build factories, people go to work, to increase the standard of living,higher wages, 2 legislative rigore. 3 I invest in research - better people conquer new spaces beyond Earth .
1. as duce mai departe politicile incepute de inaitasii mei, Jean Claude Junker. langa o gazdă primitoare pentru emigranţi , aş fi un voluntar pentru copii şi i-aş ajuta din prisma profesiei mele, educaţie.Aş desena, aş picta , m-aş juca cu ei , i-aş duce la concerte simfonice cu muzică din filme şi desene animate , aş dansa cu ei vals şi multe altele.Pe cei din domeniul sănătăţii i-aş copta pe tineri, doritori în a oferi informaţii despre igienă şi sănă cei din pomicultură cum se plantează pomi cei din agricultură cum se cresc şi îngrijesc animalele.Apoi sigur vor şti, vor descoperii că toate acestea le pot învăţa şi la şcoală.Vor dori să fie şcolarizaţi.Vor deveni, profesori, doctori, fermieri, antrepenori....
1- Protect the external borders of the EU. 2- Order the creation of the ECIS. (European Center for Intelligence and Security). 3- Form a strong European Army. 4- There should be a refugee limit per year with no exception, it should be a small and realistic amount, and the refugees should demonstrate that they were actually in danger in their homelands and not migrating for economic reasons. 5- Economic migrants have to pass through a different process, they need to demonstrate they are qualified to live and work in the EU. We need qualified and competitive people for the future! And we need a lot of them! So we need to design a system to select the best ones. 6- Fight to gain a seat in the UN's security council. 7- Make the European Institutions more accountable. (People need to feel that they have the power to revoke or punish the E-goverment if it's doing wrong). 8- I would make a flexible constitution. It will set the rules for the core countries which want to integrate more and also for the ones who want to maintain themselves on the periphery of the Union. 9- Europe should help refugees but up to a limit. We cannot accept all of them, sorry, it's a hard reality. Europeans first. 10- No more long talks and bureaucracy, we want a simple and flexible political system which the people can understand an identify with. We need accountable, visible faces to blame or give praise to! 11- The Union should have ministers not "commisioners". The Union should have a President elected directly by the people. A parliament. A supreme court with 28 members (each one elected by the parliaments of every country of the union for a lifetime period). 12- We need to focus on cultural integration. We need a EU tv channel, and lots of investment in infrastructure projects to connect all of Europe phisically, culturally, and spiritually. 13- Our money bills should be printed with the faces of our big people like Da Vinci, Pessoa, Picasso, and big monuments like eiffel tower, bradenburg tor, etc.. 14-Promote a life-long educational system in order to help people to adapt to the Knowledge economy and not letting them behind. 15- We need to focus on giving people a European identity, they need to feel proud of being europeans, and also they need HOPE, they need a VISION. A dream! 16- Scotland, Catalunha, etc, deserve to be separate states of the Union. We need to favor devolution of power, not aggregation. And that were some of my recommendations, I have much more but I think those ones are the most Important. The EU is now in an inflexion point. All I proposed could be achieved in a 5 year time-period. But it is now or never. Either we will die as an old and divided europe which failed herself, or we will revive our glory and bring new lights to the entire world.
I would make sure that Europe provides its citizens with 1. freedom for all (Cyprus is still occupied by Turkish troops) 2. a sense of security (empower the battle against terrorism) 3. quality education (investing in teachers) 4. jobs for all people not only the young ones 5. accessible and easy European funding programmes (too complicated at the moment)
I'll would never lie and do the job for a normal payment.