Congratulations – you are now President of the European Union!

(Let's pretend for a second that a Presidential role exists and it’s you!)

As the President, you can decide what the most important issues are for Europe.  What would you change to make things better? How would you do that?

In reality, decision-making in the EU is a complex process and does not lie in the hands of just one institution or person. Generally, the European Commission proposes laws which then need to be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council. Each of the EU’s institutions has its own President but they don’t have absolute power, and they can’t interfere in EU countries’ authority.


I'll would never lie and wil do it for an normal sallery..
I would promote liberalism ,in every sector.Also i would fight against crime and terrorism.In,addition i may encourage uk to remain eu.
Make one passport for the whole of EU, not one for each country
I ll let the culture forces, free. I ll gave money (not much) and I ll get them free to create: write poems, play theater performance, music consertos, painting excibitions etc etc. This will be for humans and not for numbers. I will take the authority from accounters and I will give it to the fantacy. Europe has light. Big light and all these little men hide us from the light.
1. Believe in Europeans. There are millions of intelligent, critical people who live, work and pay taxes in an EU country of which they don’t have a passport. They are more interested in, and influenced by, local politics than that in their fatherland. And possibly better informed than many locals. Politicians don’t allow them to vote (beyond city limits) unless they change nationality, every time they move to a different country. As politicians are obsessively representing their own country, they see nationalism as the healthiest attitude, and expect you to be a nationalist too. So the most European-thinking EU citizens are excluded from democracy. This is punishment for an open mind, and must change. 2. End lobbyism, completely, and give the people their voice back. Corporate lobbyists now direct EU politicians and administrators. The highest budgets get the most attention. That is not democracy, it is selling Europe. So: 3. Stop selling Europe to big business AND stop handing it over to short-sighted bureaucrats. 4. Stop adoring and obeying large-scale corporations and organizations that deal in power, and develop a better eye and ear for the smart, small initiatives that have saved so many neighbourhoods and regions in Europe by finding human, loving, durable solution. 5. Be more critical to the most power-hungry, violent and amoral government in the Western world — yes, the USA — and stop flirting flirt with its imperialist governments. And that includes Obama.
1.- create common history books to help increase acknowledgement of common ties 2.- create a compulsory 9 -12 months civil service for all young people btw ages 18 & 25 to be served in at least 3 periods of 3 months - 4months in different member states 3.- I would make going to vote compulsory - w/ incentives no punishments 4.- I would push for a stratified common system of taxation accross union 5.- I would double the salaries of teachers and create conditions for them to speak at least three EU languages - at all levels.., 6.- I would impose models for minimizing use of fossil energy 7.- I would create a proper federal government with representatives chosen among MEP's and voted in office by EP
University-Community Links Europa, building on and working with at local, national, and international levels. . .
University-Community Links Europa, building on and working with at local, national, and international levels. . .
Change the rules of EU Parliamentary elections. As a citizen of the EU and the new format of assembling the European commission indirectly via the EP, the parties in the EP have larger meaning and voters should have the right to directly vote for them. For example the paradox - the national party that supports the European party that I want to form the next commission doesn't satisfy my views as a voter and my decision is either to obtain from voting or vote for a more suitable for me party on national level but not on the European level. The solution maybe should be to give voters right to vote both for national and European parties at the same time. Remain with the current quota per country system but take for example 1/3 of the number of MEP of each country to be reserved for this direct European voting. I the case of my country 17 MEP to be selected - 5 of them to be elected by this vote. The procedure can be delegated to the European parties and by further regulation establish some rules on what basis they select the given places or to have a number of individuals, candidates of the European party who are directly elected amongst on national level.
Drawing a new design for the safekeeping of all passport in all country members of Ue. Not passport of republic etc... bue passport of Ue country members italy etc.... and put the color for all.the same.