easier acces to any EU country let us move around without any problems, we don't need to support our state becasue any time we can move out from there.. and if in the country is big corruption and things never change... the country is always back few years behind others.. it is taking off our hope for better future... and simply not intresting any more ...
Youth does not take part in that it is not interested in.
It's hard to find a resonable, modern party without dirty past.
They believe their vote changes nothing, it just reinforces a corrupted system.
The lying press makes it seem that any opinion outside the arbitrarily defined political-norm is extremism. More so, the intense disillusionment with your own country knowing that any change will have to pass Brussels, while any change dictated from Brussels is a non-negotiable ultimatum with hefty fines for those who do not comply to their political views.
They think their vote doesn't make a difference or maybe they don't want to feel like taking part in political wrongdoings.
I think it's necessary since the secondary school talking about Europe and its importance, through dynamic and not boring activities, in order to find out the beauty of Europe and be prepared to vote. Introduce, directly and simply, the European institutions and how they work,which affects in everyday life.
You know nowadays, young people usually don't know the political situation in their country. Also, the think that they don't have a proper candidate. There needs to be a course about politics or current affairs in high schools or colleges. In my opinion, that way people will learn about political situation in EU or non-European countries.
(I can only tell from a German perspective) Finding a party which totally represents you is impossible. Informing about parties takes a lot of effort. Subjects of electoral campaigns barely affect us directly. Frustration follows, either because it feels that nobody cares or because one was let down.